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New Term, New Ofsted Guidelines

Just in time for the new school term, Ofsted have announced a fresh set of inspection guidlines to accompany its work in schools. They represent a renewed focus by the organisation on how school leaders help to facilitate the continual learning of teaching staff as ‘inspectors will look at leaders’ vision and ambition for all children and learners’ (The Future of Education Inspection, Understanding the Changes).

Focussing upon the developmental and staff learning opportunities offered by a school, the new changes highlight the important role CPD plays in overall achievement and schools are expected to consider their current CPD offerings in line with Ofsted’s requirements prior to future inspections. SKEIN’s improvement service is an easy way for schools to evaluate their current CPD portfolio, and offers a valuable tool to evidence their ongoing commitment to improving staff learning and professional development.Undertaken by CUREE professionals and resulting in a comprehensive, independent report the unobtrusive service helps to model coherent and effective CPD initiatives while providing the evidence and research needed to make future CPD decisions. As the criteria for outstanding changes to accommodate the need for successful staff development strategies, SKEIN continues to be a valuable consultation for educating practitioners looking to improve their CPD offering.

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Feedback from Biddick School Sports College

"Our staff from the focus group have stated that it would be beneficial to run that session with all staff and valued the work undertaken." - Paul Cowen - Biddick School Sports College


Feedback from Rokeby Primary School

“The report was very thorough... We particularly valued recommendations about how, building on our ongoing school improvement work and making small changes to existing mechanisms and structures, we could significantly strengthen our CPD and have better evidence about its impact on our staff and pupils.” (Headteacher, Rokeby Primary School)

Feedback from Castle School

“We really appreciate the depth of the report and what we are able to draw from it. No-one has ever engaged with us in this depth before.”  - Melanie Warnes - Head of Castle School 

Feedback from Churnet View Middle School

"We found the process very valuable as it is an essential part of our self evaluation programme with CPD and PM being now very much on the Ofsted agenda." - Head, Churnet View Middle School

Feedback from Duchess School

“The report is great – we are really delighted with it. We are going to move on the recommendations as fast as we can. We are particularly keen to take on board your points about the learning trajectories of staff as individuals and as a group so it will be very interesting to connect up with another Skein school that has an established approach to this. It’s nice to know that we also have things to offer them.” - Gill Maitland, Duchess School.

A 'road to Damascus' moment for Headteacher

“The report is fabulous. It was weird because as I was reading it the first time it made sense - it was a road to Damascus moment. Then Oftsed came in to do a pre inspection and the agenda moved on to focus on that. Then when I came back to the report I thought – Oh, the two really make sense together”. (Anita Bath – St Thomas More School)

Duchess School's School Experience Teams

Duchess School’s School Experience Teams (SETS) which meet every other week as cross departmental learning groups to explore together experiments with approaches to tackling School Improvement priorities and plan the next cycle of trying things out. SETs are led by volunteers who with their deputies are trained in depth in facilitating such work by the SLT member with responsibility for CPD. 

Welcome to SKEIN

Skein is an expert, evidence based school/college improvement service, to support leaders in effectively developing their staff to support the institution's drive to excellence.

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 The more established Skein: Professional Learning  service:

  • Creates a coherent CPD approach across your school/college, alliance or system which models, and so reinforces, effective learning approaches for staff and for pupils
  • Develops your CPD capacity and reduces your dependency on external providers
  • Gives you the information you need to make strategic decisions about professional learning goals and needs

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