Will the outcomes of your work with us remain confidential to us?

Each SKEIN Momentum school receives its own report which is fully confidential to them. It’s up to each school to decide whether and how they want to share the findings internally or otherwise. For example some school leaders chose to share excerpts from their report or report summaries with their staff while others just use them to inform their organisation’s strategic development. Some schools use their reports during Ofsted visits; others publish a sentence or two about their particular strengths on their website or other marketing materials or e.g. when recruiting new staff.

How long does the whole process take?

The overall process tends to take about 7 weeks.

We try to allow for around 3 weeks before the visit to collect and analyse school documentation, agree the schedule for the visit and provide pupils with an opportunity to respond to our on-line survey. After the visit, it takes us 3-4 weeks to analyse the data and prepare the draft report which is then sent to the school leadership team for validation. Where schools wish to proceed faster than this in order to align SKEIN Momentum with their timelines for strategic planning and development we will always try to accommodate.

How much time do you need to spend in school and how many students, members of staff will be involved?

Prior to the visit we will send you a link to an online survey and ideally this will be completed by all students. Many schools find it helpful to assign a designated slot e.g. part of an ICT lesson for students to complete the questions.

We will need to visit the school for up to a day. We will do whatever we can to fit in with your timetable to carry out the following activities:

How much of my time as a head/senior leader will be taken up?

We understand that your time is very precious and endeavour to ensure that the process is as efficient as possible. We will use documents that already exist within your school, so you will not have to create any paperwork. We will send links and instructions for completing the survey as an email that simply needs to be circulated. During the visit we will mainly work with other colleagues but do ask you to participate in an interview of approximately one hour.

How much does it cost for schools?

The full price is £4,350 which includes the full evaluation and a developmental feedback meeting to support you in making use of your report. 

We highly recommend that you take part in our supported leadership enquiry process which empowers you to carry out action planning, implement developments and develop leadership capacity and is available at additional cost.