How much time do you need to spend in college and how many members of staff will be involved?

We will need to visit the college to interview the leadership team and some individual staff members and hold a focus group with colleagues. The numbers of staff involved will depend on the size of your college. The leadership team interview will take 60-90 minutes, the individual interviews will take about 20 minutes and the focus group will take 60-90 minutes. We will suggest how to organise the day most efficiently, making the most of the timeslots when staff are not teaching and causing the least disruption to your normal operations.

How much of my time will be taken up?

We understand that your time is very precious and endeavour to ensure the process takes up as little of your time as is possible. We will need to visit the college for up to one day and will use documents that will already exist within your college, so you will not have to create any paperwork. We recommend that you involve junior colleagues in e.g. assembling the documents or preparing a schedule for the visit day.



"We found the process very valuable as it is an essential part of our self evaluation programme with CPD and PM being now very much on the Ofsted agenda" - Head, Churnet View Middle School

"Our staff from the focus group have stated that it would be beneficial to run that session with all staff and valued the work undertaken" - Paul Cowen, Biddick School Sports College