'Sauce for the Goose' at Wroxham Teaching Alliance

The ‘Sauce for the Goose’ day for the Wroxham Teaching Alliance  was designed to build a shared understanding of the evidence about what makes a difference for pupil and staff learning. During the day this evidence was unpacked so that the Alliance could build a shared language about CPD and to inform planning and collaboration. As well as identifying strengths to share and early priorities for development practical approaches, tools and resources for securing, sustaining and evaluating quality were explored.

Feedback from St Thomas More School

“The report is fabulous. It was weird because as I was reading it the first time it made sense - it was a road to Damascus moment. Then Oftsed came in to do a pre-inspection and the agenda moved on to focus on that. Then when I came back to the report I thought – oh, the two really make sense together”

Anita Bath – St Thomas More School

Feedback from Duchess School

“The report is great – we are really delighted with it. We are going to move on the recommendations as fast as we can. We are particularly keen to take on board your points about the learning trajectories of staff as individuals and as a group so it will be very interesting to connect up with another Skein school that has an established approach to this. It’s nice to know that we also have things to offer them.”

Gill Maitland, Duchess School